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accessibility symbols along with your critique will monumentally increase the relevance of your work. If the location (be it resto/bar, theatre, club, etc) is wheelchair-accessible, then include the wheelchair symbol. And please, not just for big best-of features, but always and in every review. Plenty of paying customers would love to know in advance whether there’s a step at the door, toilets in basement and automatic doors. Thank you. The revolution can start here. Mabel Athena Toronto Editor’s note: our online restaurant guide includes full accessibility info on more than 650 restaurants.

I caught the line

Regarding Blood On The Tracks (NOW, August 2-8). I, too, know the pain of a streetcar track faux pas. A month ago I caught the tracks at King and Church and woke up in St. Michael’s Hospital, having undergone emergency brain surgery and broken my collar bone. I’m on the mend, and there’s no brain damage, thank goodness. I’m no engineer, but I do wonder if there’s a “better way” (pun intended) to build/ maintain the tracks. Subways, subways, subways? Just kidding. Kevin Grabb Toronto

Tory’s Ontario Place sellout

Big thanks to Enzo DiMatteo for his insightful article Ontario Place Ours To Take Back (NOW, August 2-8). He’s right to sound the alarm on the John Tory-proposed sell-off/sellout of this once family-centric lakefront attraction. There will be more than enough condos to go around, especially for all of Tory’s solid 1 per center corporate buddies, with penthouse views undoubtedly reserved for the big U.S. casino operators who are at this very moment bidding to set up shop right next door at the Ex grounds. What a sad day it would be to see the first developers’ ads offering luxury Ontario Place condos with Tory’s “Live, work, play” slogan plastered across an image of the iconic Cinesphere. Let’s not allow the pricks to get away with it . Robert McBride Thornhill

T.O. racist? That’s crazy

Regarding letter writer Thomas Gallezot’s claim that Toronto is “profoundly racist” (NOW, July 26-August 1). Are you kidding me? I’ve lived all over Asia and North America. Toronto is easily the least racist city. Lou Oliveras Toronto

Over-designing Kensington

On Kensington’s new gates (NOW, Daily, July 27). Why does everything in this city have to be so over-designed (e.g., ugly trash cans)? Why not a classic black wrought-iron fence? Chris Kirkwood From NOW welcomes reader mail. Address letters to: NOW, Letters to the Editor, 189 Church, Toronto, ON M5B 1Y7. Send e-mail to and faxes to 416-364-1166. All correspondence must include your name, address and daytime phone number. Letters may be edited for length.

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Streetcar railings off track

If you’re a true cyclist, you should know how to handle your bicycle on streetcar tracks. The real problem for cyclists is people in parked vehicles who suddenly open their car door without looking in their mirror to see if there’s any kind of traffic coming their way. I nearly lost my life because of that, hitting a car door that sent me flying into the path of a streetcar. I was lucky to roll out of the way, but suffered many injuries Rob Connelly From

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Speaking of park parties

Having lived next to Trinity Bellwoods Park for many years, I read your Party In The Park cover story (NOW, July 26-August 1) with great interest. I hate to disagree with you, but judging by the amount of garbage left by nightly partiers, there is no “culture” to speak of. You can romanticize pot smoking and public drinking all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that cigarette butts, empty cans and bottles and food containers are being left in the park, including the playground and kids’ campsite. T. Lee Toronto

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