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THIS WEEK IN THE MUSEUMS ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO Picasso, to Aug 26 ($25, stu $16.50). Iain Baxter&, to ñ Aug 12. Berenice Abbott; Zhang Huan, to Aug


Power of three Trio’s works shine in one show By FRAN SCHECHTER MATHIEU GAUDET, NADIA MYRE AND MARTHA TOWNSEND at Birch


Libralato (129 Tecumseth), to August 25. 416-365-3003. Rating: NNNN

Three Montreal-based artists imbue pristine, post-minimalist works with a surprising depth of meaning that’s enriched by grouping them together at Birch Libralato. References to domesticity emerge in Martha Townsend’s Cooking Place (inspired by cooking pits in ancient Ireland), a trio of large, perfectly round and flat slate discs each supported on three bun-shaped rocks, and the wall-mounted Horison, two divided discs made of wood, slate and

mirror. Her perfect circles and spheres add tension and mystery to minimalist geometry. Sharing the room with Townsend’s Cooking Place, Mathieu Gaudet’s works exploring the idea of the horizon line also rely on the power of threes. On three canvases hung askew, a black “ground” forms a consistent horizon where it meets the white “sky.” Three vertical wooden beams leaning against the wall at different angles are painted red up to a unifying eye-level horizon line. Gaudet also carves horizontal wooden beams into “landscapes” of rolling hills topped by coloured acrylic. Anishinaabe artist Nadia Myre,


land Festival, Aug 11-12 ($17-$30). Pat Jeffries, to Sep 30 (Sat-Sun noon-6 pm, 647606-1133). 443 Lakeshore, Toronto Island. 416-392-7834. BAU-XI Summer group show, Aug 11-25, reception 2-4 pm Aug 11. 340 Dundas W. 416-977-0600. CANADIAN LESBIAN AND GAY ARCHIVES At The Same Time group show, Aug 10-Sep 22, reception 7:30-10 pm Aug 10. 34 Isabella. 416-777-2755. CENTRE SPACE Painting/video: Kent Monkman, to Aug 11. 65 George. CHRISTOPHER CUTTS Summer group show, to Sep 4. 21 Morrow. 416-532-5566.



Cylla von Tiedemann, to Aug 31. Mon-Fri. 2 Bloor E, 25th fl. 416-925-2813. DANIEL FARIA GALLERY New Meditations group show, to Sep 15. 188 St Helens. 416538-1880. DIAZ CONTEMPORARY Sculpture/film: BGL and Robert Arndt, to Aug 18. 100 Niagara. 416361-2972. DRAKE HOTEL When Sparks Fly group show, to Aug 28. 1150 Queen W. 416-531-5042. GLADSTONE HOTEL Performance (SummerWorks): The Torontonians and Mammalian Diving Reflex, Aug 10-11 (7 pm-noon, pwyc); Tania El Khoury, Aug 9-11 (see summerworks. ca, $15, ). Being Scene group show, Aug 9-Oct 28. 1214 Queen W. 416-531-4635.


One Good tale ONE GOOD HUSTLE by Billie Livingston (Random House), 271 pages, $22.95 paper. Rating: NNNN


All her life, Sammie’s parents have exercised their finely honed skills as con artists, often involving their daughter in the action. By the time Sammie’s 16, on the heels of a scam gone wrong, her dad, Sam, has gone AWOL and her mum, Marlene, has sunk into an alcoholic stupor. In desperation, she runs away to her friend Jill’s house, where she’s welcomed by Jill’s very stable parents. They’re so kind, Sammie’s almost disgusted by them. That’s the crux of Billie Livingstone’s very involving One Good Hustle. Sammie defines “care” as being hidden in a box by her dad so she can


help him rip off a few antiques. (The cons, by the way, are invariably fascinating.) Livingstone portrays Sammie’s internal conflict with devastating precision. Her protagonist is particularly flummoxed by nice Christian guy Drew. He likes her, so there must be something wrong with him. To the author’s credit, the novel doesn’t go to the place of extremes. Just describing how Marlene’s negligence makes Sammie vulnerable to a few creepy guys is enough to convey the extent to which Sammie’s at risk. Piling on the trauma isn’t necessary. In this book about love, it’s clear that kids often adore their crappy parents, regardless of anything they do. Sammie’s relationship with her dad is a never-ending series of disappointments, but she can’t get enough of him.

Nadia Myre’s Desire Schematics series uses beadwork to make social comment.

who’s used beadwork to comment on the Indian Act and mining company logos, here shows more enigmatic work from her Desire Schematics series. Two vitrines hold tiny rectangles woven with pink geometric designs on a background of white seed beads. Crosses seem to evoke obscure Christian iconography, but they’re actually scientific or engineering symbols gleaned from a 1960s technical manual. A series of photographic prints greatly enlarge details of Myre’s bead-

work, obliterating their identity as meticulously crafted handiwork and transforming them into grid-like modernist abstractions. Among other themes, she probes the collision of tradition and modernity and beads’ historic role in the economics of colonization. Clean lines and shapes, cool-to-thetouch materials like glass and stone, and layers of content give the show a quiet, meditative feel that offers a respite from the noise and heat of August in Toronto. 3

GOODFELLAS GALLERY Painting: Kestin Corn-


wall, to Aug 23. 1266 Queen W (enter at back). HARBOURFRONT CENTRE Planet IndigenUS: Frost: The Sami People; OCAD U aboriginal visual culture students; Ursula A Johnson, Aug 10-19, festival reception 7 pm Aug 10, Johnson basketry event noon Aug 11 (FriSun). Material Wealth: Revealing Landscape; Not So Fast; Not Forgetting group shows, to Sep 23. 235 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4000. JAPANESE PAPER PLACE Celebrating: Washi And Two Cultures (Planet IndigenUS), Aug 1031, reception 6:30-8:30 pm Aug 15. 77 Brock. 416-538-9669. KOFFLER OFFSITE Summer Special group show, to Nov 25. Honest Ed’s, 581 Bloor W. 416-6361880. MKG127 Toolkit group show, Aug 9-Sep 8, reception 5-8 pm Aug 9. 127 Ossington. 647-

Her connection to her mother is the most heartbreaking. With deep compassion, Livingstone develops a complex character in Marlene – once a shameless grifter, now a horrifyingly hammered juicer, always a loving mother. Great storytelling. SUSAN G. COLE

NAISA SPACE Installation (Sound Travels

Festival): Michael Trommer and Ryo Ikeshiro, Aug 15-31. 601 Christie, studio 252. 416-652-5115. ONSITE [AT] OCADU Letter Rip! Art, Words And Toronto group show, to Oct 7. 230 Richmond W. 416-977-6000 ext 327. P|M GALLERY Anda Kubis and Meghan McKnight, to Aug 25. 1518 Dundas W. 416937-3862. TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX Home On Native Land group show, to Aug 19. 350 King W. 416599-8433. TORONTO IMAGE WORKS Photos: Deanna Pizzitelli, to Sep 8. 80 Spadina. 416-7031999. TRANZAC Zine Dream 5, noon-5 pm Aug 12 ( Pwyc. 292 Brunswick. 416-923-8137.

19. Lisa Myers and Autumn Chacon, Aug 15Oct 28, reception 6-8 pm Aug 15 (free). Michael Snow, to Dec 9. Laughing At The Art World, Aug 11-Mar 31, 2013. $19.50, srs $16, stu $11, free Wed 6-8:30 pm (special exhibits excluded). 317 Dundas W. 416-979-6648. BATA SHOE MUSEUM Red Runners: The New Objectification Of Native Art And Identity, to Aug 31. Beauty, Identity, Pride: Native North American Footwear; Roger Vivier, ongoing. $14, srs $12, stu $8. 327 Bloor W. 416-979-7799. DESIGN EXCHANGE Bravos: Groundbreaking Spanish Design, Aug 9-23, curator’s tour 6:30 pm Aug 9. The Tutu Project (pwyc); 60 Years Of Designing The Ballet, to Sep 2. $10, stu/srs $8. 234 Bay. 416-363-6121. GARDINER MUSEUM OF CERAMIC ART Rule Britannia!, to Sep 16. Connections: British And Canadian Studio Pottery, to Dec 30. $12, stu $6, srs $8; Fri 4-9 pm half-price, 30 and under free. 111 Queen’s Park. 416-586-8080. JUSTINA M. BARNICKE Douglas Walker, to Aug 18, curator’s tour 6-7 pm Aug 9. 7 Hart House. 416-978-8398. McMICHAEL CANADIAN ART COLLECTION Fashionality, to Sep 3. $15, stu/srs $12. 10365 Islington (Kleinburg). 905-893-1121. MOCCA trans/FORM; The Shape Of Things, to Aug 12. 952 Queen W. 416-395-0067. OAKVILLE GALLERIES Freedom Of Assembly, to Sep 2. Gairloch, 1306 Lakeshore E; Centennial, 120 Navy (Oakville). 905-844-4402. POWER PLANT Tools For Conviviality; Dissenting Histories, to Aug 26. 231 Queens Quay W. 416-973-4949. ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM Jorinde Voigt, to Oct 12. Shahnama: The Persian Book Of Kings, to Sep 3. Small Skills, Special Effects: Unusual Chinese Works Of Art, to Feb 3, 2013. Todd Ainslie; Carnival: From Emancipation To Celebration, to Feb 24, 2013. Jane Ash Poitras, ongoing. $15, stu/srs $13.50; Fri 4:30-8:30 pm $9, stu/srs $8. 100 Queen’s Park. 416-586-8000. TEXTILE MUSEUM OF CANADA Dreamland:, to Sep 30. Perpetual Motion; Portable Mosques, to Sep 3. $15, srs $10, stu $6; pwyc Wed 5-8 pm. 55 Centre. 416-599-5321. VARLEY ART GALLERY (Da bao) (Take-out) , to Sep 3. $5, stu/srs $4. 216 Main (Unionville). 905-477-9511. 3




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LAUNCHING THIS WEEK Thanks to his fascinating main character, John Cardinal, a First Nations cop who turned loner when his wife was murdered, Giles Blunt has become one of Canada’s premier mystery writers. In Until The Night ($29.95, Random House), set mainly in two frigid locations, the high Arctic and Algonquin in winter, corpses keep turning up for reasons Cardinal and his cohort, Lisa Delorme, are assigned to figure out. Expert at characterization and setting, Blunt has received Britain’s and Canada’s major mystery writing awards. Until The Night’s right up there with his best. He launches the book SGC Tuesday (August 14) at the Gladstone. See Readings, this page.

Write Books at

READINGS THIS WEEK Thursday, August 9 FISH QUILL POETRY BOAT Readings by Linda

Besner, Moez Surani, Leigh Kotsilidis, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff and Darryl Whetter. 8 pm. Free. Tranzac, 292 Brunswick. 416-923-8137, 134520053252669.

Friday, August 10 OUTWRITES The queer-friendly writers group launches its anthology Zhush Redux with readings by contributors including Terence Go and Nichola Ward. 7:30 pm. Free. Holy Oak Café, 1241 Bloor W. 647-345-2803.

Saturday, August 11


BRIAN WRIGHT-MCLEOD King reads from The Back Of The Turtle, Hayden Taylor reads from Motorcycles & Sweetgrass and WrightMcLeod reads from Red Power, as part of Planet IndigenUS. 7 pm. Free. Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W.

Sunday, August 12 DRAFT 8.1: THE SORT-OF-CYBER EDITION Readings by Andrew Forbes, Sarah Sheard, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Richard Rosenbaum, Jessica Westhead and others. 3 pm. Free. Merchants

= Critics’ Pick NNNNN = This could change your life NNNN = Brain candy NNN = Solid, sometimes inspirational NN = Not quite there N = Are we at the mall?

of Green Coffee, 2 Matilda. draftreadings. SUNDAY POETRY Poetry and an open mic. 11:30 am. Free. Ellington’s Cafe, 805 St Clair W. 416-652-9111. TORONTO POETRY SLAM Spoken word competition featuring Andrea Thompson. 8 pm. $5. Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen W. info@

Tuesday, August 14 GILES BLUNT Launching his new mystery novel, Until The Night, with a reading. 7 ñ pm. Free. Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen W. 416-531-4635.

MARINA COHEN Meet the author of the teen

novel Ghost Ride. 2 pm. Free. Jane/Dundas Library, 620 Jane. 416-394-1014. 3

NOW AUGUST 9-15 2012