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Trim:20.375” Sutra Tiki Bar The Bridge DJ Triplet (old skool



Velvet Underground DJ 80s Favorite Babies

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11:20 pm.

Virgin Mobile Mod Club UK Underground DJ

MRK, Tigerblood (dubstep/indie/electro/rock) 10 pm. Waylabar DJ Mark Falco 10 pm. Wrongbar Surkin. XS Nightclub Xsessive Prok & Fitch, Sam Haze, Hugs Not Drugs, Dr Ozi, Christina Cruise & Kage 10 pm.

93 Harbord Harbord St Jazz Festival Mark

Crawford Solo 6:30 & 8 pm. Old Mill Inn Hot Summer, Cool Jazz Norman Marshall Villeneuve’s Jazz Message Trio 7:30 pm. Rex Joe Amato 9:45 pm, Sophia Perlman 7 pm. Shops At Don Mills The André Roy Quartet 1 to 4 pm. Splendido Harbord St Jazz Festival Ryan Oliver Trio 6:30 & 8 pm. Trane Studio Aimee Butcher 8 pm. Tranzac Southern Cross Len Aruliah (jazz sax) 10 pm.

Sunday, August 12 Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop/Soul

Artscape Gibraltar Point The All Caps!


Island Festival A Place to Bury Strangers, Lioness, OG Melody, Young Mother, Canadian Winter, Absolutely Free, Ivy Mairi gates 3 pm. See preview, page 50.

Dance Music/DJ/Lounge

Annex Wreckroom White Girl Wasted 10 pm. Blue Suede Sue’s Addicted To Saturdays DJ

Vinny Mac, DJ Casanova.

Dance Music/DJ/Lounge

country blues) 4 to 7 pm.

Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar CD launch

Suzana d’Amour (blues/jazz) 8 pm, Acoustic Family Brunch 9 am to 4 pm. Grossman’s Blues Jam The Nationals 10 pm, New Orlean Connection Allstars 4:30 to 8 pm. Hirut Fine Ethiopian Cuisine Open Stage Gary 17 3 to 6 pm. Hugh’s Room Opening Doors: Emerging Artist Cabaret 7:30 pm. The Loaded Dog Open Stage Gary 17 3 to 6 pm. The Local Kristine Schmitt & her Special Powers 5 pm. Lola Will Gillespie (singer/songwriter/folk/ roots) 2 to 6 pm. Lower Ossington Theatre SummerWorks Suitcase Sam 10 pm. See preview, page 44. McGradies Tap and Grill Open Jam Dan Walek (R&B) 6 to 10 pm.


ray, Mark Kieswetter, Artie Roth, Nick Fraser 8 to 11 pm. Rex Dave Young 9:30 pm, Steve McFarlane Octet 6:30 pm. Trane Studio Rosario Marchese (discussion & music) 8 pm.

Aurora Borealis Summer Special Boat


Cruise DJs Starting from Scratch, Dirty Dale, DJ Seven, DJ JClass 5:30 pm. Bovine Sex Club Lipstick ‘n Leather Sunday. Castro’s Lounge Watch This Sound 9 pm. Insomnia Retro Lounge Night DJ Doctor G. Saviari Tea + Cocktail Lounge Foundation Meets Soul DJs Kevin Laverty, Uncle Funke, General Eclectic (foundation reggae/blue beat/ska/rare groove). Toika CODE:D Sundays (drum n’ bass/dubstep) 10 pm. Velvet Underground Retro 80s Sunday DJ Hanna (retro 80s) 10 pm.

Don’t compromise.

Dance Music/DJ/Lounge

Alleycatz Salsa Night DJ Frank Bischun 8 pm. Goodhandy’s T-Girl Lust DJ Todd Klinck

doors 8 pm.5 Insomnia DJs Topher & Oranj (rock). The Piston Junk Shop DJS Jorge & Jeeks (pre to post punk/new wave/garage/indie) 10 pm.

Tuesday, August 14 Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop/Soul

Monday, August 13

Bovine Sex Club Panama Red. Castro’s Lounge The Tom Waits Apprecia-


Bovine Sex Club Moody Monday The Thinly

tion Congregation 8:30 pm. The Central Dirty B-Sides 10 pm.

Veiled Double Entendres.

Castro’s Lounge Rockabilly Mondays 9 pm.

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Black Bear Pub Jam Alan Burgess 3 to 7 pm. Cameron House The Cameron Brothers Band

10 pm.

Castro’s Lounge Cry Wolf (psychedelic hill


can Davies 8 pm, Rucksack Willies 6 pm.

Cameron House Back Room Glazzies. Covernotes Bryan Rason 7:30 pm, all ages. Grossman’s No Band Required. Old Nick Azalea, Elana Harte (alt country) 7 pm, all ages.

The Painted Lady Open Mic Mondays 9 pm. Supermarket Case Of The Folkin’ Mondays 9 pm.


Emmet Ray Bar Alex Goodman Trio (jazz) 9 pm. Gate 403 Richard Whiteman Jazz Band 9 pm,

Denis Schingh (solo piano) 5 to 8 pm. People’s Chicken Big Band Mondays Vincent Wolfe & Debi Sander-Walker, Bob Cary Orchestra 7:30 pm. Remarks Bar & Grill Jazz Jam-gria Pat Mur-

CALL 1 855 444-6957 CLICK VISIT your local Rogers store


Cameron House Friendly Rich & the Lollipop People 10 pm.

Castro’s Lounge BlueVenus (singer/songwriter) 10 pm.

C’est What Hinindar (dark folk) 9 pm. Gate 403 Blues Night Julian Fauth 9 pm. Grossman’s Tall Grass & the Murder of Crows 10 pm.

Hugh’s Room Joe Yanuziello Benefit Concert

Kevin Breit & Folk Alarm, Army Girls, Three Metre Day, Tony McManus, Suzie Vinnick, Russell deCarle, Denis Keldie & Steve Briggs, Rob Piltch, Warren Stirtzinger and others 8:30 pm. The Local Kitchen City Orphans, Noel Johnston.

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for 6 mos with 2-yr. term. Includes all monthly fees.







cable EASY

Cameron House David Baxter 10 pm, Dun-


Switching is easy. Keep your phones, jacks and number.




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ney Ross Barris Jazz Band 5 to 8 pm. The Graydon Pub Sax Appeal On The Patio Gerry Stewart, Tiffany Costa 3 to 6 pm. Mel Lastman Square Summer Serenades Anthony Terpstra Seventet & the Sparklettes 7:30 to 9 pm. Rex Legendary Miles Johnson Graham Guest & Raoul B 9:30 pm, Alex Goodman Quartet 7 pm, the Spirit of Jazz 3:30 pm, Excelsior Dixieland Jazz noon. Solara Mediterranean Conversation Piece Trio 4 to 7 pm. Toronto Music Garden Summer Music In The Garden: Among Friends Cecilia String Quartet, Peter Stoll (clarinet) 4 pm. Trane Studio Fatima w/ Waleed Abdulhamid, David Gilmore 8 pm. Tranzac Southern Cross The Lina Allemano Four (jazz) 10 pm.




Get over 215 channels, with over 40 in HD HD.




Amadeus Rick Donaldson & the Jazz Cats 6:30 pm. Gate 403 Robin Banks Jazz Band 9 pm, Whit-






doors 11 pm. Horseshoe Look Here Junior, Jeff Sheridan Band, Jessie Brown doors 8:30 pm. The Local Hamstring String Band. Theatre Centre SummerWorks Music Series: Musical Works In Concert – Through The Gates 9 pm.

& the Sky Heroes doors 9 pm. Drake Hotel Underground The Killing Floor, the Glazzies (rock) doors 8 pm. Holy Oak Cafe Dr Ew (pop) 9 pm. Horseshoe Dave Bookman’s Nu Music Nite Will Coke, Champion Lover, Grayl, Menage, Willing to Oppose doors 8:30 pm. Massey Hall Steve Earle & the Dukes (and Duchesses) w/ Allison Moorer, the Mastersons 8 pm. The Piston Erin Lang & the Foundlings, Doug Tielli (9 pm). Theatre Centre SummerWorks Music Series: Musical Works In Concert – Blood Ties 9 pm.


Baby Joel, DJ Aeryn Pfaff doors 10 pm.5 Footwork Damian Lazarus doors 10 pm. Insomnia Sense Saturdays DJ Charles (deep house). Luxy Nightclub Upscale Saturdays DJ Danny D, DJ Gino, Deejay Toma, DJ Mechon. Parts & Labour Breakfast DJs Stupa & Mac (hip-hop/electro/rock) 10 pm. The Piston Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted Digital Needle DJs (hip-hop/soul/disco) 10 pm. Rivoli Upstairs Bump N’ Hustle DJs Paul E Lopes & Mike Tull (soul/funk/house/ disco/Latin/hip-hop/boogie) doors 10 pm. Saviari Tea + Cocktail Lounge Foundation Meets Soul DJs Kevin Laverty, Uncle Funke, General Eclectic (foundation reggae/blue beat/ska/rare groove). Sneaky Dee’s Shake A Tail (60s pop & soul) 11 pm. Steam Whistle Brewing Bastid’s BBQ ­Skratch Bastid, BadBadNotGood, Wrispect, Tom Wrecks, DJ Mastermind, P-Plus, DJ Drastik, DJ John Farrugia, Paul E Lopes, Deejay Ariel, Lucie Tic 6 pm. Supermarket Do Right Saturdays! DJ John Kong & MC Abdominal 10 pm.


doors 9 pm.

Drake Hotel Lounge The Boot Knives (rock)

Up to 75 Mbps – the fastest fasstest internet that’s available in the most homes. homes 3 2


hop) 10 pm.

Fly Glitterball DJ Kitty Glitter, DJ Matt C, DJ

Drake Hotel Underground Elvis Monday



Emmet Ray Bar DJ Chris Cruz (ol’ skool/hip-

Mic 10:30 pm. Spirits Kim Jarrett (folk rock) 9 pm. Supermarket Freefall Sundays Open Mic/Jam 7 pm. Tranzac Southern Cross Town Hall Cryers, Personal Helicopter, George Light 7:30 pm. The Winchester Arms Open Mic Porter 9 pm.

synth-pop) 9 pm.

Drake Hotel Lounge Memphis Tuesdays Hill


doors 10 pm.

­Richard Whiteman Group 1 to 4 pm.

Relish Bar & Grill Stir It Up Sundays Open

The Central Jam Night 10 pm. C’est What Perfumeman (glam rock/alt-pop/


Drake Hotel Lounge Membersonly DJs

Evolution Band, Django, Lukie ‘D’, Admiral Bailey 11 am to 9 pm. The Central Jung People 9 pm, DDM 7 pm, Erik Soto 5 pm. Downsview Park Heavy TO System of a Down, Deftones, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, Between the Buried and Me, Veil of Maya, Job for a Cowboy, Goatwhore, the Faceless, Periphery, Exhumed and others. Harbourfront Centre Planet IndigenUS Oka (hip-hop/dub/electronica) 3 pm. The Local Jordan Faye (pop) 10 pm. Molson Amphitheatre Rhythm Revue The Dukes of September (Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs) 8 pm. Rivoli The Glazzies, the Killing Floor, No King for Countrymen 7:30 pm. Southside Johnny’s Open Jam Rebecca Matiesen & Phoenix 9:30 pm. Tranzac Zine Dream 5 Fan Fiction, B’ling B’long, Eucalyptus, DJs Anna May Henry, Cameron Lee, Colin Bergh noon to 5 pm. Virgin Mobile Mod Club Forever the Sickest Kids doors 6 pm, all ages. Winchester Kitchen & Bar Porter.

Rebas Café & Gallery Sunday Matinee


Party Mymanhenri, Liam Crockard, Alex ñ Brooks doors 11 pm.

centennial Park JerkFest Heritage Singers,

ng ki ta th ea br

Drake Hotel Underground Bang The

Creating World-Leading Internet Experiences.


Offer available for a limited time within Rogers cable service area (where technology permits) in select regions in the Greater Toronto Area where Bell Fibe is available (call 1-888-Rogers1 for a complete list of eligible regions) to: (a) new Rogers cable customers, and (b) existing Rogers cable customers not currently on a term contract for cable services. Two-year term required. An early cancellation fee applies. 1 Taxes extra. Regular monthly rates for each service will apply after six month promotional period for remainder of term. Regular monthly rates subject to change. Includes Ultimate tier Internet, Digital Basic TV and Home Phone Essentials service. A one-time installation charge of $49.99 and activation fee of $14.95 also apply. TV portion includes monthly Digital Service Fee of $2.99 and, where applicable, CRTC Local Programming Improvement Fund Fee (LPIF) of 1.5% of the recurring TV monthly service fee. Home Phone portion includes a $0.19 Message Relay Service Fee and $0.22 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee (non-government fee). Long distance and additional features extra. 2 Speeds may vary with internet traffic, server gateway/router, computer (quality, location in the home, software and applications installed), home wiring, home network or other factors. Also see the Acceptable Use Policy at Modem set-up: the system is configured to maximum modem capabilities within Rogers own network. For details, visit 3 Based on Ultimate tier available within Rogers cable footprint as compared to competitor’s highest tier service restricted to limited areas. ©2012 Rogers Communications.

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11:34 AM NOW August 8/7/12 9-15 2012 49