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ACtIOn BrOnSOn Hoxton (89 Bathurst), tonight (Thursday, August 9) Charismatic rapper out of Queens. SuMMerWOrkS MuSIC SerIeS Theatre Centre (1087 Queen West) and Lower Ossington Theatre (100A Ossington), tonight (Thursday, August 9) to August 19. See preview, page 44. SteeL PAntHer, dIeMOndS Sound Academy (11 Polson), tonight (Thursday, August 9) Over-the-top cock rock. FAke BLOOd, tOtALLy enOrMOuS extInCt dInOSAurS Hoxton (69 Bathurst), Friday (August 10) See TEED preview, page 39. tHe Internet, kILO kISH Virgin Mobile Mod Club (722 College), Friday (August 10) Odd Future-affiliated trippy R&B. HArBOrd Street JAzz FeStIvAL w/ Terra Hazelton, Ted Quinlan, Mark Crawford, Jennifer Ryan and others Restaurants along Harbord, Friday and Saturday (August 10 and 11) Small-group jazz and fine food.

ALL CAPS! ISLAnd FeStIvAL Artscape Gibraltar Point (443 Lakeshore, Toronto Island), Saturday and Sunday (August 11 and 12) See preview, page 50. HeAvy t.O. w/ Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Overkill, Dethklok, Cannibal Corpse, In Flames, Suicidal Tendencies, System of a Down, Deftones and others Downsview Park (35 Carl Hall), Saturday and Sunday (August 11 and 12) Festival of heavy music. BAStId’S BBQ w/ Skratch Bastid, BadBadNotGood, Wrispect, Lucie Tic and many others Steam Whistle Brewing (255 Bremner), Sunday (August 12) DJs unite at this ’cue fest. Steve eArLe & tHe dukeS (And duCHeSSeS), ALLISOn MOOrer, tHe MASterSOnS Massey Hall (178 Victoria), Tuesday (August 14) Gritty roots rock legend.


Just announced COvenAnt, tHe BreAk uP, AyrIA

Virgin Mobile Mod Club doors 9 pm, $25. 416559-5769. August 22.

deAd And dIvIne Virgin Mobile Mod dJS venux x, dJ ruPture, MAgA BO, POIrIer, tOrrO tOrrO, dOS MundOS, M.A.M.A Bathers Of The

COHeed & CAMBrIA, tHree Virgin

val: A Tribute To Chava Rosenfarb Beth Emeth Synagogue 7:30 pm, $10. ashkenazfestival. com. August 28.

veretSkI PASS Ashkenaz Festival: The Klezmer Shul Harbourfront Centre Brigantine Room 7 pm, $15-$18. HF. ashkenazfestival. com. September 1.


WIN tickets at

ver Dollar doors 9 pm, $9. RT, SS. September 13.

IMAgIne drAgOnS Opera House doors

tHereSA tOvA, MItCH SMOLkIn, BrIAn kAtz, FreydI MrOCkI, HenrI OPPenHeIM, ALekSAndAr gAJIC, Bret HIggInS Ashkenaz Festi-

All dates, acts and ticket prices subject to change without notice. Ticket prices subject to applicable fees.

Lee BAInS III & tHe gLOry FIreS Sil-

Club doors 6 pm, all ages, $15. RT, SS, TM. August 24.

World Unite! Sunnyside Pavilion 2 pm to midnight, free. fireonthewater2012.wordpress. com. August 26.


MOnO, CHrIS BrOkAW Horseshoe doors 8:30 pm, $15. HS, RT, SS, TM. September 12.

SOCALLed, SArAH gOrdOn, MArILyn Lerner, kyrA FOLkFArBer Ashkenaz Festival: The Yiddish

Songs Of Arkady Gendler Harbourfront Centre Brigantine Room 4:30 pm, $15-$18. HF. September 2.

BASyA SCHeCHter Ashkenaz Festival:

7 pm, all ages, $17.50. RT, SS, TW. September 17.

Mobile Mod Club doors 8 pm, all ages, $34. RT, SS, TM. September 20.

rICH AuCOIn Lee’s Palace doors 8:30 pm,

$15, adv $12.50. HS, RT, SS, TM. September 20.

teCH n9ne, MAdCHILd Rockpile $tba. September 21 and 22.

A JOyFuL nOISe Phoenix Concert The-

atre. September 29.

MAtt & kIM Phoenix Concert Theatre 8 pm, $tba. TW. October 5. nICk WAterHOuSe The Great Hall doors 8 pm, $13.50. RT, SS, TM. October 8. WAx tAILOr Lee’s Palace doors 8 pm, $15. HS, RT, SS, TM. October 9. Jd MCPHerSOn Horseshoe doors 8:30 pm, $12.50. HS, RT, SS, TM. October 9. SHIrLey JOneS Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts 8 pm, $75, srs/stu $68. October 17.

Songs Of Wonder Enwave Theatre 7 pm, $20$25. HF. September 2.

tHe SeA & CAke Lee’s Palace doors 8:30

Volunteer Opportunities of the Week

MOSHe HAMMer, Peter LOngWOrtH Ashkenaz Festival: Leo Spellman’s

tHe MOuntAIn gOAtS Phoenix Con-

• Aphasia Institute • Canadian Cancer Society • Planned Parenthood • West Toronto Support Services

LuCIdArIuM enSeMBLe Ashkenaz

Festival: Una Festa Ebraica Enwave Theatre 1:30 pm, $20-$25. HF. September 3.


August 9-15 2012 NOW


cert Theatre doors 8:30 pm, $21.50. RT, SS, TM. October 20.

dWert & tHe tWO drAgOnS The

Garrison doors 8 pm, $11.50. RT, SS, TM. October 22.

neW Order Sony Centre for the Per-

dIvIne FItS Lee’s Palace doors 8 pm, $20.

forming Arts doors 7 pm, all ages, $55.50$99.50. TM. October 23.

SAuL WILLIAMS Spoken Word Tour The

rOdrIguez The Search For Sugar Man Tour Virgin Mobile Mod Club 8 pm, $20. PDR, RT, SS, TM. October 25.

HS, RT, SS, TM. September 5.

For details on these opportunities, see this week’s Classified section everything goes. in print & online. 416 364 3444 •

Rhapsody 1939-1945 Enwave Theatre 6 pm, $20$25. HF. September 3.

pm, $16.50. HS, RT, SS, TM. October 18.

Great Hall 8 pm, $22.50. PDR, RT, SS, TM. September 7.

tHe SuPer FrIendz Lee’s Palace doors 9 pm, $15. HS, RT, SS, TM. November 16.